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Nika, UAB dates its history since the year of 1991.

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Since the beginning of the company’s establishment, much attention is paid to the technologies along with improvement of the product. Manufactured products reflect adaptability to the market changes and demands of the consumers. The activity of the company is implemented with the help of the newest equipment and employees of high qualification. All this determines high quality of production made by the company.

The company has a strong intellectual potential for implementation of complicated projects, it is dynamic, instills technological and business management innovations, constantly develops new products and improves client service. The staff of the company seeks for a mutual goal – to produce and to supply the clients with products of high quality. Therefore, taking care of the quality of the production became an inseparable part of the company’s activities. Constant training of the employees, audits, equipment maintenance, verification, each employee’s responsibility to implement the quality policy and other procedures ensure that production will satisfy the requirements raised by the clients.

Company exports the most portion of its production (about 80 %) to foreign markets. Majority of the buyers are Denmark, Norway, Latvia, Estonia and other countries.

The main fields of Nika, UAB activities:

— flexographic printing

— printing plates production

— polyethylene film production

— bags and packaging films production

— sales of packaging materials

— packaging design


We offer flexographic printing using a maximum of six colours and 1500 mm width, and 1280 mm printing step with possibility to print on various substrates, depending on the requirements of the obverse or the reverse.

Flexographic printing technique could be applied on the following bases:

BOPP, CPP, OPP polypropylene film (transparent, pearly and metallic). Thickness 25-120 µ
LDPE, MDPE, HDPE polyethylene (transparent, white and different colors). Thickness up to 350 µ
— PET polyester film (transparent, metallic)
— Twisted foil (transparent, metallic and white)
— AL/PAP, AL/PAP/PE  laminate (to butter and lard packaging)
— PE (PAP/PE) layer paper
— LWC wrapping paper, bleached paper, 40 - 310 g/m²

We also provide converting services of various kind of film PP, PP Cast, PE etc.

The clients can also bring their own materials. Experienced staff, as well as the materials from reputable suppliers are a guarantee of a high quality products.


Bags for sale – pricelist from our stock:

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